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Smart blanket by Yon an innovative 3-in-1 “wearable” travel blanket that provides comfort and convenience on the go. Whether you are flying for vacation or business, or taking a long road trip, the travel edition is designed with versatility in mind. The Travel Edition comes with a multi-purpose carrying pouch great for storing personal items or travel goods. Zip open the pouch and uncover the amazing wearable blanket inside.

This easy to use, wearable blanket provides head to toe coverage with an additional front face cover feature that allows you to rest in privacy and block out any light. The small slit on the front of this blanket allows for easy breathing.

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Smart Travel blanket by Yon is an innovative 3-in-1 “wearable” blanket that provides comfort and convenience on the go

Travel in comfort, covers head to toe

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Smart Dog Blanket is a wearable,slip-on style blanket for dogs

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Use it anywhere.One blanket does it all. Use it anywhere

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